Cosmic Bonsai

Cosmic Bonsai

Référence : COSMICA

Unlike the other styles of bonsai which tend to reproduce or represent forms of trees growing naturally on earth, the Burton Style is concerned in the creation of forms of trees growing on imaginary planets and not obeying "earthly laws".
This book is not intended to popularize the methods of obtaining a classic bonsai, but rather to explain the philosophy that is borrowed from this particular style and the techniques to implement it.
Since the inventors of this new way of forming Bonsai come from traditional Japanese Bonsai, you will realise as you read, that many of the methods used owe much to ancient knowledge. 

We have made a non-exhaustive list of books list of books available at the end of this book for beginners to enable them to learn how to make a bonsai in the traditional way, addressing the means in which to obtain them, how to make classical bonsai in the traditional sense and the appropriate terms used.
We will focus here on what differentiates the Kozumikku style from all of the other Japanese styles of bonsai, such as Moyogi, Netsuranari, Shokan, Chakkan, Ishitsukki, etc. We will also seek to explain the historical reasons which led us to seek an alternative way rather than following the existing styles offered by the Japanese or the Chinese which are culturally related to their history as well as to their respective traditions. 

The Kozumikku style is not opposed to tradition, it is a legitimate evolution due to it's emancipation from existing codes and from a static position of certainty. Kozumikku deliberately departs from the pretence of other styles as it does not set out to recreate a tree growing in a natural state, on the contrary by dominating the plant and overruling it's natural biological habits, the forms cannot exist in the natural world.   

The author:
Laurent Darrieux was born on June 21, 1973 and started Bonsai in 1987 with his father. This passion will never leave him. This first volume on the Kozumikku style talks about what led him to create an atypical style during these years of practicing Bonsai around the world. 
Hauteur 29.7 cm
Largeur 21.5 cm
Auteur(s) Laurent Darrieux
Nombre de pages 136 pages
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